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Hot Water Maintenance is one of Australia’s leading hot water specialists and has been providing reliable hot water solutions to Australian homes and businesses for over 40 years.

We specialise in installations, emergency replacement, same day service and warranty work for a variety of hot water systems including electric, gas and solar. We also have all the latest hot water system range of major brands in the heated water manufacturing industry.

Hot Water Maintenance also takes pride in our highly skilled and experienced staff who are always ready to help you get the best hot water system that will suit your needs. Our plumbers and electricians have been carefully selected for their expertise and experience in their respective fields. We are dedicated to providing quality services for you, which is why we are continuously honing our employees’ skills through constant training and education.

If you are in New South Wales and need a quick and reliable hot water service at a competitive price, give us a call on 1300 1300 60 to speak to our hot water specialists. You can also send us an email at service@hotwatermaintenance.com.au for all your hot water system queries.


Hot Water Plumbing

Imagine getting up late with an important appointment coming up, only to find out that your hot water system is not working. A common problem in every home with hot water systems is with the plumbing

Hot Water Installation & Replacement

If you want to install a hot water system in a new house, townhouse, apartment or office, or if you’re replacing an inefficient or broken system, we are the experts in hot water service in Sydney.

Our Products

We stock only quality products that are backed by full manufacturers warranties. Whether you are looking for Gas, Electric or Solar we can help you with the right product.

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