Boiling Water Units

Do you ever find yourself in the need of boiling water in an instant, whether it is for your morning coffee, or maybe for something else?Boiling water units provide the convenience of having hot water available in an instant, while effectively being cost and energy efficient. Place one in your home or your work place and you never have to wait for a kettle to boil again. Since the units are filtered, it can also be used to make beverages like tea, coffee, or even soup, which makes it perfect for commercial kitchen use.

Hot Water Maintenance carries two brands of boiling water units: Rheem and Zip Water. We also provide quick and hassle free installation for your preferred hot water unit. We only work with the best team of professionals to handle your needs so you can rest assured that the work we do is fast, reliable, and convenient.

Contact us now and a team of highly equipped personnel will recommend the best product based on your requirements. So if you are in New South Wales look no further! Quality service is at the tip of your finger.


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