Electric Boosted Solar

Are you trying to cut back on your electric bill? Or simply just trying to run a more eco-friendly home? If so, it’s time to introduce electric boosted solar hot water system to your home.

The electric boosted solar hot water system gets its energy from the earth’s ultimate source of power, the sun. A highly efficient solar hot water system can ultimately help you bring down the cost of your water heating, while decreasing your carbon foot print.

An electric boosted solar hot water system comes with roof-mounted collectors that absorb the energy from the sun, which then heats the water that is transferred to the storage tank. But even if the sun is not out for the day, the system gets its energy from the electric booster, which ensures you have hot water day in and out.

If you are already a proud owner of a solar hot water system, you need to ask yourself the following questions: is your electric hot water system over 10 years old? Are you getting rusty or brown water? If you answered yes to any of the two, then it’s time to have your unit checked!

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