Electric Mains Pressure Tanks

Electric water heaters are great to have in one’s home or business. With this type of water heater, you can store water in an insulated cylinder, which makes it readily available at mains pressure when needed. What does mains pressure mean? It is the pressure that you get at your home or office from your street’s water main. Hence, it has higher pressure which makes it possible to deliver a strong flow of water to different showers or faucets all at the same time.

Thanks to mains pressure electric hot water cylinder, hot water will be provided simultaneously to different outlets with ease. Should your mains pressure electric water heater act up, call Hot Water Maintenance and we will send our highly qualified plumbers your way. Our plumbers receive regular training and education, which help them work accurately and efficiently on your mains pressure electric water heater.

With Hot Water Maintenance, you are guaranteed to receive professional services and competitive rates! Call us now and we will make sure that your mains pressure electric hot water cylinder is working perfectly again. We also carry different hot water systems that we can supply and install at your home or business. Do not hesitate to call us and our hot water specialists will be more than happy to assist you!


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