Gas Instantaneous

Get unlimited hot water with gas instantaneous water heater! Unlike gas hot water systems, the gas instantaneous hot water system does not store hot water, so you do not need to worry about heat losses. This also means that you won’t need gas or electricity to keep the tank water hot.

Heating of water in an instantaneous system begins after turning on the hot water tap, that is why you are sure to get an adequate amount of hot water you need the moment you need it.

Say goodbye to big tanks and replace your old hot water system with the new gas instantaneous hot water system. With gas instantaneous water heaters, you will never run out of water ever again.

Hot Water Maintenance is here to give you solutions on all your hot water system concerns. We supply and install gas instantaneous water heaters from all major brands. Talk to our friendly staff and we will be happy to provide the best product and expert service you truly deserve.

Dial our number now if you are unsure of the suitability of having a gas instantaneous water heater in your home or office. You may also leave us a message anytime at ​​ for queries relating to hot water systems.


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