Gas vs Electric hot water heater: Which one is better?

The cost of installing a gas hot water system is higher than for electric, but in the long run you will save more money.


With gas prices increasing though,it is a matter of individual research to see how your gas supplier’s bill compares with other suppliers and whether you are getting the best savings on tariffs. Continuous flow gas hot water systems can be expensive to run.

One of the big advantages of a gas hot water system is that when switched on the heating begins instantly, unlike with electricity, which takes a little time to warm up. Gas also provides an advantage during storms or blackouts, when the electric supply may go down for a time. People with gas can literally ‘power on’ with their hot water and other gas appliances still working at such times.

Unfortunately, not all homes have access togas in Sydney. You have to contact your local supplier to find out if a gas line is available in your street. If you cannot get gas connected to your house then the choice ends there and electricity is your only option (unless you want to consider bottled gas, if your situation warrants it).


Electric hot water systems are usually the cheapest to buy and install.An off-peak electric hot water system is very cheap to run because the off-peak electricity tariffs are lower. If you are on continuous tariff, and the water is being heated all day, your electricity running costs on your water heater will be a lot higher.

If you have a 50ltr, 80ltr, 125ltr or 160ltr system, you’re most likely to be on a continuous electricity tariff. If you have the larger sized 250ltr, 315ltr or 400ltr system, you’re most likely to be on off-peak.

Because there are so many variations and options as between the two alternative systems — gas and electric — and with electricity prices rising, it is best to consider all avenues and find what best suits your household in each individual case.

Fortunately at Hot Water Maintenance, we are well-familiar with the different models, tariffs and other information relevant to the choices you’ll be making. So it makes sense to talk to us if you need a hand figuring out what is best for you. We can help you narrow down the relevant information you need to know and look for. Give us a call, or drop in to our showroom and have a chat.

Do you know one of the signs that you’ll be needing a new hot water system soon? Stay tuned for our next blog ‘Why is rusty or brown water coming through the tap?’ for some insights on what you need to know.


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