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If you’re living in the New South Wales and in need of hot water installations and / or repair, look no further. Hot Water Maintenance prides itself on its fast, convenient and reliable services for hot water system installation and hot water system replacement. We install and replace all kind of systems like electric hot water, gas hot water, electric instantaneous, etc.

We also carry all major brands.

Unsure whether or not to call for a professional? Ask yourself the following questions:
Do you have hot water?
Are you running out of hot water?
Do you have rusty/brown water coming through?
Is your electric hot water system leaking?
Is your gas hot water system leaking?
Is your solar hot water system leaking?

If you answered yes to any one of those questions, it’s time to contact the professionals. We can take care of your hot water installation and hot water replacement and repair!

Hot water maintenance will only send in skilled and qualified personnel to attend to your needs to make sure you are getting the quality service you deserve. Contact us on 1300 1300 60 and one of our accommodating staff would be more than happy to help you. You may also email us at ​​


  • "Hot Water Maintenance is one of the most reliable hot water servicing companies..." - LJ Hooker
  • "Their service is absolutely great. They are on time when dealing with our tenants and handle all the heated water service issues for us." - Anthony Trees Real Estate




Hot Water Plumbing

Imagine getting up late with an important appointment coming up, only to find out that your hot water system is not working. A common problem in every home with hot water systems is with the plumbing

Hot Water Installation & Replacement

If you want to install a hot water system in a new house, townhouse, apartment or office, or if you’re replacing an inefficient or broken system, we are the experts in hot water service in Sydney.

Our Products

We stock only quality products that are backed by full manufacturers warranties. Whether you are looking for Gas, Electric or Solar we can help you with the right product.

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